The Gandhian Iceberg: A Nonviolence Manifesto for the Age of the Great Turning

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About The Book

The Gandhian Iceberg presents a bold new interpretation of Gandhian nonviolence from the rare perspective of an author who is equal parts writer scholar and frontlines practitioner. The book faces the current crisis of climate change and the intensification of social unrest around the world and calls for a new convergence of serious spiritually-rooted US nonviolence activists prepared to offer themselves in service to a social change movement unlike any seen before. The book approaches radical social transformation and its realistic requirements with a blend of solid research moving personal testimony and compelling vision. The Gandhian Iceberg is written from the heart and doesnt shy away from difficult terrain. Facing and combatting white supremacy the ways that high-tech solutions short-circuit efforts for social change how one might come to embrace the possibility of death on the frontlines of nonviolent struggle--whatever strand of the conversation it engages The Gandhian Iceberg is refreshingly plainspoken and thought-provoking.

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