The Golden Palace: A Journey of Beginnings: 1 (Walid and the Mysteries of Phi)
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About The Book

This is a book of adventure mystery and wisdom. A group of merchants carrying their goods to market arrive in Cairo late in the summer of 1934. But theyre also a band of revolutionaries intent on restoring a displaced king to power. Walid Shabeezar is a thirteen-year-old boy who gets caught up in the midst of it all and discovers some important secrets about his family that hes never suspected. As a result hes launched into the most unexpected adventures of his life. With the help of a new best friend hell end up in a palace fighting crime grappling with hidden forces and protecting ancient mysteries.A prologue to this story The Oasis Within: A Journey of Preparation described a trip across the desert and the important conversations between Walid and his uncle Ali that have brought them and their friends to the brink of the story that begins here. The epic adventure launched in these pages can be read with understanding and profit whether that earlier book of ideas has been consulted or not. The Golden Palace is the first in a series of action-and-adventure novels entitled Walid and the Mysteries of Phi where through some surprising developments age-old secrets and modern challenges come together in such a way as to sketch the outlines of a profound and fascinating philosophical worldview. These books have been referred to collectively as The Alchemist Meets Harry Potter Meets Indiana Jones and have been characterized as overflowing with the wisdom we all need in order to live good and powerful lives.

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