The Harlequin: 3 (The Russell and Menzies Mysteries)

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About The Book

On April Fools Day 1983 a cruel prank goes horribly wrong and a dangerous seed is planted. Ten years later a more sinister joke is played and six people die. The Harlequin has arrived. As a young detective constable Tom Russell becomes embroiled in a hunt that will dog his career. 2003 the Iraq war has just begun and The Harlequin returns with his own Shock and Awe tactic by killing three people in the middle of a Glaswegian spring day. Russell is called once again to pursue the killer. Easter Monday 2013 and The Harlequins end game becomes apparent. Russell is just one of his targets as he kidnaps three more victims and broadcasts to the world a horrifying game show. Can Russell and Alex Menzies finally put an end to the Harlequins reign of terror?

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