The Hodgkiss Mysteries: Volume XXV: Hodgkiss and the Dubious Identification and Other Stories

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About The Book

Hodgkiss doesnt miss a trick. Three new adventures of that cranky obnoxious insufferable but remarkably observant andastute senior citizen.Apolitician who is about to be outed by the media is persuaded to disappear before he can bring disgrace on his Party. To achieve this a corrupt policeman invents a novel method of identifying a murder victim in the place of the disappeared politician. It was a method that could have worked but for Hodgkiss intervention.A bungling burglar drops a stolen ring in the street after performing a theft-to-order for a friend ... stealing jewellery for an insurance fraud. Unfortunately for him the drama takes place in full view of Pat Strongs town house. So when Pat involves Hodgkiss he decides to take a hand. Anadvertisement in the local paper is all thats needed to bring the incident to a surprising end.Hodgkiss is indisposed when Donald is confronted with another locked room murder puzzle. So Esme accepts the challenge. She visits the crimescene photographs the suspicious elements consults her father and they demonstrate to Donald how the murder was done.

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