The Life & Times of Poopsie Muma's Pen

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About The Book

The Life & Times of Poopsie Mumas Pen is an animation - come to life of a dear sweet woman whose pen comes alive! It is a comedy of lovable motherly pangs towards her insincere but adorable little pen. The muma loves to write. Her pen who has come alive is sickeninly (but most lovingly) proud of his most special (7 year old) self. He is a boy...and hed never know he was made of the pen-family and so... All the precious antics that go along with a 7 y.o. and a muma (who has held him her whole life) who writes - to fill in the gaps of her unmarried overweight lonesome (paranoid) life - come into play... as a comedy unfortunately. Youd never know it; for she lies and lies and life (to herself) about thus; sometimes sounding like Marilyn Monroe - who hasnt dated for years. You can imagine the imaginings of the episodes she gets into or gets Poopsie out of. Either Poopsie and his little hearts view of the world his feelings or a trauma/tragedy/event that has happened to him. Otherwise the tale could be about the muma - of reputable self-indulgent flame for her own very motherly feelings or reactions to the world or her Poopsie and/or anything that involves itself with our business. Oh yes he is 7 y.o. but at times thinks himself an elderly worldly frenchman (a roughly 49 y.o. Maurice Chevalier is what it is). The Life & Times of Poopsie Mumas Pen is written in either one-page little episodes or tritely brilliant lengthier tales. All most sweet and enjoyable. All for adults - of all ages. The continuing tales of Poopsie and his friends will be forthcoming in extended books. It is guaranteed in the last tale of this first book called A Poopsie Tale. The muma performs a transformation. Its all very halloweeny but dont be distressed - the muma can never change; for she is me! [A-hem...] The title! Side Note (and most needed fictional input): I have nothing in common with dis muma except that I am unmarried.

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