The Midnight Society: 1 (Midnight Chronicles)

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About The Book

THE DAY CATE ACCIDENTALLY BROUGHT A DEAD CHEERLEADER BACK TO LIFE EVERYTHING CHANGED... Fifteen year old Cate is seeing things. A ridiculously charismatic boy just appeared out of thin air disarmed a bomb at a busy bus stop and then vanished again. Everyone around her was oblivious because they were frozen like statues the entire time.Cate has stumbled into an invisible war in a realm filled with dark magic and time travel. She is now being stalked by not one but two dangerous wizards.When her brother disappears a terrified Cate is forced into the brutal world where she must risk her life to search for him. There she is faced with the most unimaginable decision.This YA Urban Fantasy is an action-packed swoony page turner with an intricately plotted story set in an amazing new world. Grab your copy today. The Midnight Society is the first book in The Midnight Chronicles Series (The Midnight Society was originally released as Timesurfers.) Praise for The Midnight Society: OMG that was amazingThis is pure fantastical with a side of trippy sci-fi and loads of thrilling actionThe family trees in this story are CRAZY GENIUSThe way time travel was handling... perhaps the best way I have EVER seen it doneI absolutely LOVED it

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