The Other Side of the Wall

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About The Book

The Other Side of The Wall is a true story about Maries struggle and near demise when she started her life over alone in the mysterious ancient city of Venice Italy. Her profound experiences and torture from her tormentors in a new flat will flip your own reality off its axis. Was she a victim of an elaborate haunting aliens or other paranormal influences? Or did she somehow spontaneously go insane or suffer side effects from a bizarre virus or an overdose of Botox? Or was there a human conspiracy or medical experiment that she had accidentally become a part of and fallen victim to? As her situation escalated she tried to flee but was only chased and tracked throughout the maze of the city. Her story lasted for just under a month until she got help. Although she encountered a very dark side of the city she also discovered the magic of Venice and a unique love story. Did an angel come to her aid or a complete stranger who had unexpectedly fallen in love with her?

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