The Pain Pill

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About The Book

THIS IS ONE DOSE OF MEDICATION. THAT WILL SURELY TAKE YOUR PAIN AWAY! The Pain Pill provides you with an opportunity to exercise the knowledge you have gained from Run to the Pain. Dr. Evans has given critical steps that will unlock the door to your healing and this workbook is your method of self-medication. However the path to overcoming your trauma and eliminating your pain cannot begin until you simply put one foot in front of the other. In the seconds you have taken to read this you could have begun your journey. A life certainty is time is non-reimbursable. So please do not squander a tic of it. If you read Run to the Pain then you are familiar with how pain or lack of forgiveness infects your spirit in the form of negative energy or stress. You also have an idea of how that negative energy has encumbered your progression in life. This is your chance to get to the bottom of it all! Completing this workbook is you not settling for the status quo and you choosing to become the best possible version of yourself. Warning: If you truly decided that you want change then expect the waves of adversity to come. Understand the role and blessing of adversity and throw your shoulder into the waves with a positive attitude and faith in your ability to triumph! Dr. E. believes in you even if you do not yet! So take his advice and Just Start!. Oh! and dont just walk but Run to the Pain!

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