The Pleasure of Their Company: A Memoir: Adventures in Hand-Raising Orphan Fawns

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About The Book

The Pleasure of Their Company relates the story of the authors nearly twenty-year journey hand-raising orphan fawns in her barn in the hills of West Virginia and the unique relationships and bonds that developed with these gentlest of creatures. Who could imagine lying down in a barn stall with a week-old five-pound fawn curled up alongside; or being invited to play by a fawn and by that same fawn after release and when grown into a 100-pound buck; or sedating that 100-pound buck playing Operating Room Nurse while the Veterinarian neutered him and then Recovery Room Nurse to monitor him as he came out of the anesthetic; or having a fawn grow up and bring her own fawns around to introduce them; or patrolling the woods on horseback during hunting season to protect released fawns? The author couldnt have imagined any of this but was blessed to know such treasured experiences. The readers will get to experience all of these as well and more as they journey along on the adventures through the chronicles of each fawns history and photographs taken during each hand-raising and after release.

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