The Science Strategy & Secrets of the Heroes of Spin Bowling Warne Kumble Murali & Harbhajan

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About The Book

About the Book: Written by the great Rajinder Goel of India the highest wicket taker in India’s Ranji trophy competition and perhaps one of the greatest finger spinners to have played the game within this book the authors claim to hand down the tactical acumen skill and strategy they deployed over a span of over 35 years of playing first class and representative cricket to the aspiring junior or experienced senior within a space of hours. Together Jain & Goel play virtual one-to-one coach and hand down the intricacies of a legacy and purport to convert an average to competent spinner into a great one almost overnight Guaranteed! The book offers the perfect coaching experience to the budding spinner and discusses the mental and tactical acumen it will take for an aspiring spinner to reach their full potential and ultimately guarantee their chances of playing at the highest level – first class cricket. The book walks and talks the aspiring spinner through the nuances of spin bowling in a hand held manner and seeks to get you operating to the levels of Murali Kumble Warne or Harbhajan within minimum time. By getting your lessons in writing the authors claim that this work is perhaps the greatest source of formative guidance on the art of spin bowling ever created and simply MUST BE READ by the serious spinner. About the Author: Having learnt his cricket in Australia one of the dominant nations across the sport and one with possibly the greatest sports coaching regiments in the world such to build great reserves of talent across most sports including cricket Jain offers the ultimate one-to-one coaching experience and through the written word endeavours to hand down

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