The Secrets of the Self

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About The Book

The Secrets of the Self is a book-length, philosophical poem rooted in metaphysical thought and ideology, as well as Islamic theology. Originally published in 1915, the poem speaks of the "Self" in relation to the universe, how it is the inner power and soul of each individual human. It instructs on how to improve the Self through Love and willpower, which can then help one control the forces within the universe. The poem includes stories that illustrate its points and promotes the spread of Islamic ideals. MUHAMMAD IQBAL (1877-1938) was a poet, prophet, and politician in British India. Born in Sialkot, Punjab, Iqbal converted to Islam with his family as a child. He studied literature and law at Cambridge, Munich, and Heidelberg before starting his own law practice and concentrating on his scholarly writing, which he authored primarily in Persian. Many of Iqbal's works promote Islamic revival, especially in South Asia, and he was a well-known leader of the All India Muslim League. Today, he is recognized as the official poet of Pakistan, and his birthday is celebrated as a national holiday.

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