The Terrorist Legacy
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The Terrorist Legacy Sam Ellington set goals to rescue children from refugee camps in Africa and return them to countries of their origins as teachers with a message of peace. The agenda of a new generation of religious fanatics who use suicide as the ultimate weapon and those who are forced to defend against it forms the story line. The Mediterranean was off limits to an armed mega yacht with classified nuclear capabilities. However when George and Kathryn team with Sam Ellington and Greg Simeon an Israeli arms dealer to build a campus in Ashdod Israel the Diversion is the preferred method of transportation. One yacht works for a hijacking two make it a conspiracy and Americas Mediterranean fleet is drawn into the confrontation. The America administrations opportunity to contain Irans nuclear agenda conflicts with the rescue of George and Kathryns daughter Melissa. Historys faint memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are replaced with a reality of a world in which a nuclear agenda predicts a final confrontation between Islam and all other conviction. While the rest of the world focused on the aftermath Islam continues to march across Africa. The Foundation for Peace restructures its curriculum Sam relinquishes the reigns and two lives separated by protocol and reunited by tragedy take new direction. Nicholas and Melissa find they share a common goal and The Foundation for Peace becomes the sword to fulfill Sams dream. Patrick Roelle Sr. Mr. Pat

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