The Thanksgiving Handbook: Learning To Walk In The Life-Changing Power Of Giving Thanks

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About The Book

Thanksgiving: To exhibit an attitude of thanks of gratitude toward the giver of a gift. Can you remember the last time you shared a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends and then found yourself thinking about the conversations the next day? Do you know what the four main items are that each person should always bring to their Thanksgiving gathering? Would you be interested to learn about the magical life-changing power of giving daily thanks in your life? And would you like to learn of the gift that God desires but cannot buy for Himself but that you can present to Him? In The Thanksgiving Handbook author Robert Cozby takes the reader through a memorable Thanksgiving holiday and on a journey up into the mountains exploring the answers to these questions and more. The Thanksgiving Handbook explores the concept the attitude and the action of giving of thanks both during the designated holiday of Thanksgiving and in everyday life with the purpose of expanding the parameters of understanding as it pertains to offering up thanks for blessings gifts and for life itself.

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