The Unknown Chef

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About The Book

Cooking should be fun and exciting but if it is not dont cook its that simple. You will find some of these recipes easy enough to do and a few a little more difficult being for special occasions. For years I have read all sorts of cookery books some better than others depending on who your favorite chefs are. I wanted to create a book that when following a recipe you also have a photograph to accompany it. That gives you the reader a slightly better idea of what the finished dish should look like. But dont forget one thing it is your cooking and you can put in or take out anything that you want. Or even display the plate of food how you prefer. In cooking very little is written in stone. I dont think that there needs to be any measuring tables or heat temperature tables or even exact quantities (although they should be as near as possible). This book is just for the ordinary guy and gal in the street. I want you to enjoy it and give it your best shot. I wish to pay tribute firstly to my wife Almut whose photographs illustrate each recipe and without whose support and expertise this my dream would not have been possible. Also to Josie who instilled in me my belief and passion for cooking.

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