The Way

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About The Book

The Way is a story of a man. A man whos traveled across our greatnation. And now with two of his friends (traveling buddies). But after agreat many of years of traveling he grew tired of it and wanted to settledown some place some place place small quiet peaceful. Kinda likewhere hes from. Now the man named Kevin Ramsey is in the state ofIndiana for good reasons. Hes heard of a town thats almost like wherehes from. A small town called Bedford Bedford Indiana. But when hegets there hes befriended by three women who owns a boarding house.(called the way.) but while hes there strange things happen and a stringof mysterious murders followed. And Kevin is in the middle. Now canKevin solve the mystery and put a stop to all the murders. And discoverthe secrets of The Way. Or will he become a victim of a killers evil plot.Or a victim of the way and its secrets. The police are stomped. MaybeKevin and a small organization of people who are just as anxious to fi ndwhos responsible of the towns most beautiful women. Who knows. Butfi nd out. And be surprised.

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