Three Simple Solutions For World Peace

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About The Book

Finally a book that will help people to find a solution to world peace even though many religions are promoting different interpretations of God. Reading this book will enlighten your heart to the three-word solution that can bring change to the peoples and nations of the world. Is it possible for evil to be transformed to good? Can war civil war hatred murder and wickedness be overpowered by love and peace? This book is an eye-opener to all people of the awareness of who God is in the world and in the lives of us all. All the religions of the world believe that there is a God; some people believe in spirits. Some believe there is a higher being that is up there looking down at them. Idol worshipers believe that there are several gods and there are small gods which they believe that they have to go through before they can reach the higher God. The small gods that they worship are part of creation itself such as: Iron Ocean Moon Sun Thunder and Volcano. They believe that all these gods will help them to reach the higher God. Come and learn of the true and faithful God that can bring peace to the hearts of man.

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