Till the Eagle Screams

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About The Book

So many people are so furious about so many things - cried Margie Bonner. -- lobbyists giving bribes Congress taking bribes - special interests running everything - Wall Street the banks U. S. jobs staying overseas unemployment & wars & dope peddling going on and on - decaying schools; overstuffed slums & prisons - illegal immigration - idiots writing the textbooks -- and they all expect my husband to help! From one small incident they make him a national hero. From one casual remark: The lobbyists and Congress crooks should all be dragged out and shot people think he plans it and will form a new party TO MAKE IT HAPPEN - AND THEY ALL WANT TO JOIN! He cant deny hed like to see it happen. The notion gives so many people comfort. We truly need a new party. So he cant back down. We want to do good but it is all so complicated - Whom can you trust for instance Of those rushing in to be your allies? Where will it end? wonders Margie. Where will it end?

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