Transnational Neofascism in France and Italy

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About The Book

This book describes the establishment evolution and international links of the extreme right in one of the main Western European areas. Andrea Mammone details the long journey in the development of right-wing extremism in France and Italy emphasizing the transfer exchange and borrowing of ideals personnel and strategies and the similarities among neofascist movements activists and thinkers across national boundaries from 1945 to the present day - including the Cold War years the election of the European Parliament in 1979 and the 2014 EU elections. Mammone analyzes the adaptation of neofascism in society and politics; the building of international associations and pan-national networks; and the right-leaning responses to the defeat of fascism European integration decolonization the events of 1968 immigration and the recent EU-led austerity politics. As a book implicitly on space borders and belonging it shows how some nationalisms may embody a transnational dimension and at times even pan-European stances.

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