Uncommon Wisdom for Common Time

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About The Book

The author wants to explain to the readers the process of self-transformation through the conscious attempt of self in each and every stage of their life for the furtherance of the process of self-refinement. He is very much confident that every concentrated effort and attempt with the highest level of care and confidence in the subject matter could result in a higher level of achievement on the intended purpose of self. Life of every human being is very short if we do not care about the time and which can be wonderful and outstanding with the very specific and purposeful living and that is very possible for every conscious person for those having mindfulness living in each and every moment. This book attempts to answer a few of the following quarries. Few of these include the following questions. How can our changing thought patterns change our behavior? How can we realize wonderful mind power? Do our thought patterns determine our focus? How is the avoidance of fear essential for our peace of mind? How can we expand our real selves? Are we really living our Life? Is there any real-life integrity in the education system? How can we benefit from our insights? What is the ultimate reality of our life? the author is very much curious to explore the answer to the following additional questions through this book. Is there any way to unleash our potential and explore the higher self? Are there any ways to rewire our brains and restructure our mindset? Is it really hard to change our behavior? Are there ways to influence the people? How can we be free from all the hindrances to self-mastery? The present book further seeks to answer the following additional inquiries of each of us. The author is very confident through his long-term self-practice exploring the answer to the question that what will happen when one is freed from self-bondage? Does the quality of our lives depend upon our state of mindfulness? Does mindfulness ensure a better outcome and a better life?

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