Unsolicited Discourses by an Atheist for the Edification of Citizens Especially Christians Who Are Unaware of Their Ignorance

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About The Book

This book is an anthology of discourses on religion and is comprised of 10 discussions. Some are aimed at specific church audiences such as Baptists. Some were delivered at public open forums. All are aimed at getting religionists to consider new ways of looking at various aspects of their religion including principles practices and beliefs they likely never before considered probably because of willful ignorance. Was Yahweh not a despicable fornicating rapist and was not Jesus a bastard by definition? Above all Unsolicited Discourses by an Atheist is certainly eye opening. H. G. Hastings-Duffield grew up in West Virginia moved to Michigan during the early years of World War II and now lives near Atlanta. He says Had I remained in West Virginia I likely would be dead from black lung disease. The move afforded me the opportunities to earn two universities degrees teach thirty-five years at three universities and write for the edification of fellow citizens. This is his sixteenth book. Publishers website: http: //

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