War's Crown

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About The Book

A kingdom on the verge of conflict.A sovereign desperate to prove his worth.A crownkeeper pledged to protect them all.The end was just the beginning.To protect her kingdom Riette has married King Laurent the tyrant she doesnt love and never will. As a crownkeeper her foremost purpose now is to shield Meirdre from both natural disasters and outside forces-mortal ones-who would love to see it fall. Ignoring Laurents existence? Thats a not-so-distant second.But life at the Meirdrean court isnt all beautiful gowns and an enchanted map. When Laurent is struck ill Riette stumbles across yet another of his secrets-one which may render her power as a crownkeeper more necessary than ever. Perhaps worse when Laurents true feelings come to light she finds herself wondering if she can preserve her vow to keep him at arms length.Yet it turns out that not falling in love with her own husband is the last thing Riette can bring herself to worry about-because war is coming to Meirdre.

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