What NOT to Do When You Find a Spaceship

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About The Book

Tommy starts to wonder if his luck is changing when he finds a spaceship in Deep Creek Woods. Is it just a coincidence or does it have something to do with the comic books he writes about Space Elves Doom Droids and Galactic Goblins? With the help of his friends Tommy discovers a link between his stories the ship and an unfulfilled mission destined to carry them into space. Yet the toughest challenge Tommy faces is Mitch the neighborhood bully who claims the spaceship as his own. The only kid who has ever stood up to Mitch and survived is Muggie the girl next door and Tommy hasnt seen her in years. Tommy must find the courage to confront Mitch and keep the big brute from ruining everything. And he must act now for far away the Space Elves are dying and time is running out.

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