Whose Little Girl Are You (God's Little Girl)

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About The Book

This is a true journey of a little girl who did not know where she belonged. She is a survivor of many types of abuse. She grew up to be a well adjusted adult only by the Grace of God. The title of this book came about by what this little girl went through. Her grandfather used to say to the children Whos little girl of boy are you? She now knows where she belongs. She belongs to God. The cover was the result of a vision this little girl had when she was going through a very rough time in her life with her son. The vision is of the little girl as an infant in Jesus arms and Jesus taking her hand as an adult. Jesus was letting her know that He had been with her throughout her life and that He will never leave her alone. Jesus will always be there in what ever she is going through or what she might go through later in her life. Jesus is her one and only savior from the trials and tribulations she will go through in her lifes journey. I pray that you will be blessed in reading this true lifes journey of this little girl who finally found out where she belonged.

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