Wicca: This Book Includes: Wicca For Beginners & Wicca Spells. Discover The Power of Wicca Wiccan Spells Herbal Magic Essential Oils & Witchcraft Rituals

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About The Book

The Complete Wicca Guide (2 Books In 1)Do you want to learn how to practice Wicca Spells and Magic? Wondering where to begin? But feeling overwhelmed by all the advice tips and articles?Well if youre wondering how do I get into Wicca and where do I start if I want to practice it well wonder no further...There are literally thousands of Wiccan Spells and Magic in existence. But rather than get overwhelmed start by understanding exactly what you need to know.Wicca is a peaceful and harmonious way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all that exists. To be a Witch is to be a Healer a Teacher a Seeker a Giver & Protector of All Things.This complete collection of two books covers everything that you need to know about Wicca Spells Magic & Witchcraft. Whether youre a Witch looking for new spells or if youre just someone who is curious about Wicca. Regardless inside you will find everything you need to satiate your desires.Including: Wicca for Beginners: Discover The World of Wicca Magic Wiccan Beliefs Rituals & WitchcraftWicca Spells: Discover The Power of Wiccan Spells Herbal Magic Essential Oils & Witchcraft Rituals. For Wiccans Witches & Other Practitioners of MagicInside You Will Learn: The Origins And Beliefs of WiccaSetting Up Your Wiccan Altar - How To Cast Your Sacred SpaceInvoking Energy From The Four Elements of Fire Air Water & EarthCrystals - How They Work & Their MeaningsTransmute Your Sexual Energy Into Creativity And Higher ConsciousnessSpells To Banish Evil Spirits & Toxic People + Spells To Attract Positivity What You Should & Shouldnt Write In Your Book Of Shadows Love & Relationship Spells (welcome new love or relight the spark) Money & Wealth Rituals + How to Practice The Law of AttractionWhen Youre Feeling Low Try This Energy SpellHappiness Spells - Why Magic Isnt The Cure (hint - the primary ingredient is to ensure your mind is in the right place)Essential Oils Plants & Herbs For Making Magic PotionsAnd Much Much More...Find out everything you need to start practicing Wicca Spells and Magic. Begin your Wiccan journey simply scroll to the top of the page and click Add To Cart

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