Women and the Egyptian Revolution

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About The Book

Since the fall of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak female activists have faced the problem of how to transform the spirit of the uprising into long-lasting reform of the political and social landscape. In Women and the Egyptian Revolution Nermin Allam tells the story of the 2011 uprising from the perspective of the women who participated based on extensive interviews with female protestors and activists. The book offers an oral history of womens engagement in this important historical juncture; it situates womens experience within the socio-economic flows political trajectories and historical contours of Egypt. Allam develops a critical vocabulary that captures womens activism and agency by looking both backwards to Egypts gender history and forwards to the outcomes and future possibilities for womens rights. An important contribution to the under-researched topic of womens engagement in political struggles in the Middle East and North Africa this book will have a wide-ranging impact on its field and beyond.

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