A Light in Darkness

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About The Book

Tragedy strikes Talia shaking her world to the core and darkening her heart with bitterness against the enemy the Romans who has ruled her people for many years. When she thought things could not get any worse her world is turned upside down again. Talia feels that she is doomed for this life of prison for the rest of her life until she hears word of a Man who can set her people free. What is this yearning inside of her heart each time she thought of the Man? What about the simple Carpenter had the powerful Sanhedrin riled up? What kind of power did He have? And will He truly be the One to set her free from Rome and the darkness of her own soul? There is something about the centurion that came into Talias life that pulls at her heart strings. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Why does he always seem so troubled? And will the new Man save her or not? When her pain and bitterness seem to overwhelm her until she thought she was completely lost will Talia remember the words of the Man or allow darkness to consume her?Justus has been plagued by a dream for many years. The dream started the night after a tragedy shook his world forever. The darkness and mistakes of his life and the decisions of his father continues to plague him furiously just as the dream would not leave him be. Appointed by Rome Justus has always been responsible for keeping the peace in Jerusalem but he could never seem to get peace in his own life and soul darkened by his past. When a young Jewish maiden comes unexpected into Justus life his world is shaken. Being a powerful Roman who won many battles for Caesar why could he not win the battle with his own heart when it came to a simple Jew maiden? With his duty as a centurion Justus sees tension and fear begin to radiate amongst the people in Jerusalem. How can a Man a simple Carpenter stir up such emotions from the elite of Jerusalem and Rome? How can all the miracles Justus hear about be true? Why is he and the Jewish maiden affected that day at Calvary? As Justus watches the Man die on the cross why is the Mans voice so familiar when Justus had never seen Him before?

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