Bite Shift: 1 (Eternal Night Shift)

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About The Book

Kate Murphy is just a nurse and single mom who wants to slip into her forties quietly and finally lose those last 10 pounds. After a savage attack during her night shift break Kate is turned into a vampire to save her. Now she is thrust into a world that she didnt know existed; trying to figure out how to keep her new condition secret from work kids and her ex-husband without missing a step. Its funny how the word vampire will make you forget you have a water bill.Unfortunately Sorin the Lord of the city has sent her on a suicide mission to find the thing that left her for dead before it kills again and he doesnt take no thanks for an answer. Despite knowing she should despise him the passion he has ignited inside her is hard to control and she is quickly losing the reasons she shouldnt give in...especially when he makes it clear that he wants the same thing.Kate will need to reach inside herself to find the strength that was always there and finally learn...she was never just anything.

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