Eternal Deception: Large Print Edition: 2 (The House of Closed Doors)

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About The Book

A NEW BEGINNING THREATENS TO END IN DISASTERThe Kansas plains offer Nell a chance to support her small family and bring Sarah up away from the prying eyes that might discover her illegitimate birth. But when her only ally among the seminarys leaders dies Nell finds herself at the mercy of people she doesnt entirely trust-and shes not in a position to escape.As her talent as a dressmaker improves her fortunes Nell attracts the attention of two suitors and struggles with the problem of reconciling love independence and respectability for her daughters sake. Shocking news from back home and another death at the seminary force a decision.A disastrous winter journey a treacherous game and an impossible love could wrest control of Nells life out of her hands for good.

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