Knowledge and Ignorance of Self in Platonic Philosophy

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About The Book

Knowledge and Ignorance of Self in Platonic Philosophy is the first volume of essays dedicated to the whole question of self-knowledge and its role in Platonic philosophy. It brings together established and rising scholars from every interpretative school of Plato studies and a variety of texts from across Platos corpus - including the classic discussions of self-knowledge in the Charmides and Alcibiades I and dialogues such as the Republic Theaetetus and Theages which are not often enough mined for insights about this crucial philosophical topic. The rich variety of readings and hermeneutical methods (as well as the comprehensive research bibliography included in the volume) allows for an encompassing view of the relevant scholarly debates. The volume is intended to serve as a standard resource for further research on Platos treatment of self-knowledge and will highlight the relevance of Platos thought to contemporary debates on selfhood self-reflection and subjectivity.

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