Oh Simon Why Did You Forsake Me?

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About The Book

There are horrible earthquakes and huge hailstones mixed with fire and blood and billions of people are missing all around the world. And here Im sitting. Just trying to get some rest. I guess you could say Im living as a fugitive now hiding from the troops. Before all this chaos madness and confusion I used to be a respected preacher preaching the word of God. I had led hundreds of people to God. But here I am. Left behind. I guess you could say I didnt believe a word of all that stuff about Rapture I didnt believe any of it. But I sure liked the easy work and all of my bills were paid by the church. I didnt have to get my hands dirty. But all that has changed now. Im a living witness of Rapture. All those saved through the blood of Christ are gone. Daymon- I refuse to worship him. That old serpent. He calls himself Daymon but I know who he really is. He signed a peace treaty with Israel and he broke it. All political leaders relinquished their power to him. Anyone who doesnt worship him or receive his mark are put to death. Those of us that refuse the mark are constantly on the move. We are trying to hold out for the day of our Lord. I keep wondering if we are going to make it or if well all be killed one by one. My name is Simon. And after all that I have witnessed Im a believer in Christ. I just wish I would have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior before all this madness took place. I wouldnt be here living like this always on the run always hiding living in constant fear. Oh I hear someone. Id better get back to the others.

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