The Assassin Of The Caribbean

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About The Book

They waited for him to returned to his room two of them; when The Assassin opened the door one of the men charged at him like a raging bull uttering words You kill my woman you must die tonight you bastard. The Assassin stepped out of the way and with a well-timed punch to the mans neck sending him into the frame of the door. The sound of bone against metal as the mans shoulder and side of his head hit the frame knocking him out. The other came from behind the door swinging a knife and nicking The Assassin Of The Caribbean on the shoulder as he tried to get out of the way at the same time bringing his size 14 right foot kicking the man on his ass sending him across the room. Enough is enough thought the Assassin and he drew his weapon silencer already attached and put two bullets into the man with the knife.

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