The Shadows in the Forest: Abernathy Novel 3

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About The Book

An ambush by my mom to discuss catering my nonexistent wedding is not a fun way to spend a morning. Shes no longer setting me up on blind dates; shes planning a wedding. Never have I been happier to get a call from work regarding a dead body found in a field. My name is Detective Ali Rivers with the Abernathy Tennessee Police Department. Its my job to trudge through the evil actions people do and seek justice for my victim and their families. My partner Jerry and I see evil on a daily basis. This body in a field poses a multi-faceted problem. Not only are we dealing with the evils of murder but the case takes an unexpectedly sadistic turn. We are forced to team up with a group of people who have rather fluid definitions of justice and whats socially acceptable. This case is highlighting how depraved and evil this world can be. Evil resides perfectly hidden in darkness. When it comes to eradicating that darkness sometimes you need to have friends who walk in shadows.

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