The Unpredictability of Life: How to Respond to Adversities

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About The Book

Life is filled with contrasting moments. Unfortunate things can happen to you at any point. Perhaps you plan to wed and your fiancé suddenly calls off the wedding. You could be killed in a car accident; a loved one could die of disease. Or worse still you could enter a shopping mall and a disturbed individual could take his or her anger out on the world by going on a shooting rampage at the store where you shop. How do you react to such adversity? With what attitude do you approach such adversity? Perhaps you spend time seeking revenge or remaining bitter about what happened to you. Or perhaps you are consumed by anger to the extent that your only concern is how others can feel the wrath. While these are ways of responding to adversity this book cleverly dissuades this kind of approach. It destroys your present and hinders your future. The goal of this book is to help you realize this before precious time is wasted and invite you to learn how to let go of the past in order to invite a more prosperous future.

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